Overhaul Day

Today has been a long time coming: Overhaul Day, also known as Deleting-All-My-Extraneous-Files-and-Updating-All-My-Software-After-Pretending-I-Didn’t-Need-To-For-Three-Months Day.

My iPhone now has over 2.15 GB free (after deleting 1,052 photos!), I’m updating it to iOS 8.3, and I’m trying to decide whether or not to update my MacBook to OS X El Capitan. I texted my techie dad to see what he thinks. No response yet, but we’ll see!

I’m uploading all 1,052 of those photos to Google Drive, then probably logging off the computer for a while to read some of the books I checked out at the library last night. It’s hard to believe I’ve gotten this much done before 10 a.m.; I should probably go to bed at 11 p.m. every night!

Signing off,


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