Sometimes the fog lifts

Today’s a great day. Unusually great, because usually my days are coloured by a grey malaise, an oily sheen of hopelessness that doesn’t lift for weeks on end. Even months.

Today? Today I slept in, got up, took a walk in the early noon sun, came back home, did yoga, listened to music, did the dishes, made a delicious smoothie, took a cold shower, and thought, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

For me, happy moments are always tinged with foreboding – “When is this going to end?” Today, I’m not letting that happen. I’m going to ride this happy moment until it comes to its natural end.

Not every moment can be happy. In a healthy life, happiness and sadness are balanced, flowing in a constant cycle. And this is a good thing. Otherwise, how would we grow? What would be the point?

Today, I will quietly thank the universe for this moment of contentment, and use the peaceful afternoon to write well, eat well, and grow.


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